This art project was built as a collaborative effort and the blood, sweat and tears of: 

Abram Santa Cruz – Conceptual Lead Artist
Chris Armas – Helping Hand/Builder
Dylan Cummings – LED Technical Designer/Donating Contributor
Graham Trafford – Helping Hand/Builder
Jensen Oliver Moon – Helping Hand/Builder
Kari Jahner – Helping Hand/Builder/Donating Contributor
Keddins Etienne – DJ/Builder/Donating Contributor
Michelle Clancy – Hand/Builder/Donating Contributor
Mike Wong – Structural Engineer
Nina Quiros – Donating Contributor/Helping Hand
Shiloh Uhlir – Donating Contributor/Helping Hand
Todd Giles – Coordinating Technical Advisor

 It couldn’t have been built with out you guys. Much Love!!!