Abram Santa Cruz
Resin Paintings, Installations, Photography & Design

Abram Santa Cruz

Art Director

Abram Santa Cruz began painting as an outlet to express himself after the death of his fourteen year old sister. He was fifteen at the time of the incident.

During college, Abram studied International Business in France but would sneak into art classes to feed his creative soul. He later went to film school in New York where he eventually taught lighting design and camera set-up.

Abram’s work draws from his many years as a graphic designer, photographer and painter. By combining photography with painting and lighting, Abram has created works that are bold, bright, yet intense. While staying focused on his strengths in these new mediums, Abram is always searching for ways to enhance and exceed his own high creative standards. Never satisfied with the outcome, Abram has been known to work for days on end to achieve the ultimate goals of his artistic endeavors.

While many of his works are either graphic interpretations, paintings or photographic images, the new direction his artwork is taking combines these disciplines and skills, creating dramatic images on both large and small scale. Abram’s unique mélange of mediums adds to the beauty of his pieces working with materials like liquid plastic, liquid porcelain and oil paint mixture. He creates transparent prints and silk screens on glass then back-lights them.

Environmental Note: Abram goes to great lengths to ensure that his artwork complies with environmental standards. The glass is sourced from demolition yards, all of the frames are locally handcrafted using FSC certified (responsibly forested) hardwood, and a hand painted using non-toxic or low VOC paints and back-lit using LED or fluorescent lights.

My Philosophy
I believe that art provides the viewer with a glimpse into the soul of an artist, complex and yet very simple.

As complex as the soul is, simplicity is the key to a harmonious well-being. I use this methodology in my paintings and graphic work by maximizing the aesthetic quality of a given space with as few colors and as much contrast as possible.

The use of light comes from trying to expand my art off the “canvas” and into the room, making full use of the space.  The light allows the colors of an art piece to permeate through an entire room, therefore enhancing the painting itself.

My Skills

Photography, Art, Design, Branding
Graphic Design: Adobe Creative Cloud100%
Social Media85%
IT Solutions: Windows Server, Windows SQL 95%

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